Greek Day Stories

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1039 PO RE

1039 Port Operating Coy, Royal Engineers (RE) Palestine (Pal)

“Unit composed of many Jewish nationalities” OC Capt. A. W. Carnie RE Old Kokinnia Camp Greece March 1941 I was Camp ...
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Colonel Venetsanos Ketseas & 9th Kalamata Regiment

Colonel Venetsanos Ketseas 9th Kalamata Regiment "Venetsanos Ketseas was born in 1892 at Doloi, Avias, in the region of Mani, where the ...
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Messinian «OXI»

«OXI» October 28th 1940, nearly one hundred and twenty years after the first freedom uprising in Messinia, many young boys ...
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217 Days

217 Days of freedom

Today, 75 years ago, marks the begging of the longest stand of an invaded nation in WW2. Greece held on ...
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One hundred years of Mateship

Lemnos Gallipoli Memorial Albert Park, Victoria Australia ...
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Greek Day

Commemorating the sacrifice and service in the struggle for freedom, of those who served in Greece or who had ties ...
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October 28th 1940

October 28th 1940, was a historic turn around for freedom in the Second World War in Europe ...
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